Crabb Fest NQC 2004

This two hour showcase by the Crabb Family was worth the 8 hour drive to the NQC by itself! If Donna and I had seen nothing else all week, the NQC would have been great!

The Crabb Family shared themselves with the large Freedom Hall Crowd for a great two hours. They honored Gerald Crabb by having great SG artists perform songs that he had written.

Everyone present was also treated to a very touching reunion of Terah Crabb with the family. All of the kids paid tribute to their dad and mom and many tears were shed throughout the arena.

Gold City singing their
first Gerald Crabb song.

Greater Vision honoring
Gerald Crabb!

The Hoskins Family!
Great family harmony!

Karen Harding!
She blew us away!

The McRaes
A great sister duo!

Mercy's Mark!
Garry Jones' new quartet!

Mike Bowling!
Gerald's talented Son-in-law.

The Tally Trio!
Another Gerald Crabb song!

Tony Gore!
Powerful solo artist!

Aaron Wilburn!
Making everyone laugh!

Gerald Crabb & Dottie Rambo
Two of the greatest SG writers!

The Crabb Family!
Including Terah!

Gerald spends a touching
moment with Terah.

Hope Bowling!
She stole the show!

The grand finale!
The end of a wonderful show!!!

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