One of the big attractions at the NQC is the Exhibit Hall where hundreds of Southern Gospel booths are set up for the fans to browse. You can often find your favorite artists in the booths and you can say hello and chat and it is a great place to find the latest projects by the artists. Southern Gospel artists are the most genuine friendly "down home" folks you will find anywhere!

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Just one of the many isles...

Even Southern Gospel Buses are on display!

Greater Vision's booth!

Gold City's booth!

Andrew Ishee mans The Kingsmen's booth!

The Crabb Family - nice people!

Donna enjoys a visit with
The Kingdom Heirs!

Kirk Talley's booth!

This young quartet is a must see!
The Journeymen!

Phil Cross is a premier SG song writer!
We visited Phil at the Poet Voices booth.

One of the nicest and most talented
artists in SG - Ernie Haase!

Donna and Tony enjoy a visit with Ernie!

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