Donna and I enjoyed the second annual Lunch With Ernie at the Seelbach Hilton Hotel Ballroom. Several hundred of Ernie Haase's friends and E-Teamers enjoyed a very nice luncheon and special guest entertainers - The Booth Brothers and the Dove Brothers along with Ernie and a big surprise guest artist. Opportunities like this make the NQC even more special and memorable for SG fans.

The lunch was very nice and the fellowship of fellow fans was very nice. After the meal, Ernie introduced the Booth Brothers who did several numbers followed by the Dove Brothers and then Ernie did some numbers and everything was going great and we thought it was about over and then George Younce made a surprise entrance to the delight of everyone! Ernie called the Booths and Doves back onto the stage and they all performed with George. It was a memorable time as George just seemed to take an already wonderful event to another level of excitement! He looked and sounded great and the room was filled with love and admiration. For Donna and myself, this luncheon was the highlight of a great week! Below are some of our pictures from the luncheon.

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Our host!

Ernie Haase!

The Booth Brothers!

The Dove Brothers!

George enters the room!

George and Ernie talk.

George instantly forms a new group!

You've gotta love George!

George talks to us and
thanks us for the many prayers.

Doves and Booths finale!

A high-energy finish for a
very memorable Lunch with Ernie!

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