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Wildflowers on the Trail

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As you hike the trails in the Southern Appalachian/Blue Ridge Mountains, you will often see many varieties of wild flowers and plants. All photos were taken by members of our group on actual hikes.

Painted Trillium
Painted Trillium (Trillium
undulatum ) 5/7/02 Appalachian
Trail near Standing Indian - NC
white trillium
Trillium, Large-flowered (Trillium
grandiflorum) 4/22/03 Appalachian
Trail near Siler Bald - N.C.
pink trillium
Trillium, Large-flowered (Trillium
grandiflorum) 5/9/01 Patterson Gap
Trail near the A.T. -GA

Catesby's trillium
Catesby's Trillium(Trillium
catesbaei) 5/5/01 Appalachian
Trail near Plum Orchard Gap
Vasey's Trillium
Vasey's Trillium (Trillium vaseyi)
5/23/01 Beech Creek Loop
Above Tate City, GA - NC
Persistent Trillium
Trillium, Persistent (Trillium
persistens) 4/16/03 Endangered species
found only in the Tallulah Gorge corridor.

Toadshade / Red Trillium
(Trillium cuneatum) 3/27/02 Panther
Creek Trail near south terminus.
yellow toadshade
Toadshade / Yellow Trillium
(Trillium luteum) 3/29/04
Arkaquah Trail near Track Rock.
Purple Trillium
Trillium, Purple / Stinking Benjamin
(Trillium erectum) 4/22/03 Appalachian
Trail near Siler Bald - N.C.

White Trillium
White Trillium "Stinking Benjamin"
(Trillium erectum) 4/20/04 Chattooga
River Trail near Ellicott Rock, SC
Trillium discolor
Trillium, Colorless (Trillium discolor)
4/19/05 Tugalo River
near Toccoa, GA
Nodding Trillium
Trillium, Nodding (Trillium
rugelii) 4/19/05 Tugalo River
near Toccoa, GA

butterfly weed
Butterfly Weed(Asclepias tuberosa )
6/6/01 Tallulah Gorge
Trail Tallulah Falls -GA
wild ginger
Southern Wild Ginger (Hexastylis
shuttleworthii ) 6/6/01 Tallulah Gorge
Trail Tallulah Falls -GA
Ginger / Little Brown Jugs
Ginger / Little Brown Jugs
(Hexastylis arifolia ) 4/16/05 Broad
River Trail - near Toccoa, GA

Monarch Butterfly on a butterfly bush! 10/18/04
Not on a trail but in my yard in Toccoa, GA.

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